Montreal best nightlife spots to attend 2020

Montreal is the nightlife capital of Canada. No matter what time of year you visit Montreal, you are going to have an amazing and surprising nightlife. Be it a bar, restaurant or club, the nightlife in Montreal is all set to impress you within and out. As you explore the nightlife in Montreal, you will find several different nightlife spots to attend. For music enthusiasts and dance lovers, Montreal has packed some of the best clubs where you will find top DJs from around the world.

1.   Soubois

Soubois takes you on a journey of the best night of your life. It would not be wrong to call Soubois a supper club, a night club, and a speakeasy altogether. The attractive forest theme makes you feel like you are exploring a forest with some best music your ears have ever heard. It is one of the most popular nightlife spots in Montreal. Every evening, there are various music performances by different guest DJs.

So when all you want is drinking a cocktail and rocking the floor, join party lovers in the downtown core, Soubois.

2.   Flyjin

If you are finding a sole dancing club in Montreal, Flyjin is the topnotch club in old Montreal. The evenings here are filled with a cocktail, Japanese fusion, high-end performance DJs and rocking dance floor. This exclusive club offers a killer sound system to make your heart beat faster the entire night.

3.   La Voute

You can have a memorable night at La Voute, the nightclub in the Royal Bank of Canada building located in old Montreal. As you enter a thick historic door and pass through some black velour benches, you are all ready to enjoy a great night in this tall arched ceiling club. With a swish bar and amazing dance floor, the club tracks here will bring your inner party animal out.

4.   Stereo Bar

If you are looking for an ideal place to enjoy all night, know that the party at Stereo Nightclub never ends. With unique and best-chosen artists, you are going to love this place right in the heart of Montreal. You are going to find impressive lighting and visual presentations you would never have seen before.

5.   Stereo After Hours

Many international DJs have praised this club in Montreal and the credit goes to its heart-wrenching sound system. Situated in Gay Village, this club is famous for an after-hours party. Even when all the nightclubs go to sleep, you will find the party continued in Stereo After Hours.

You will be surprised knowing that this club comes with soundproof walls as well as springs and shock absorbers on the dance floor. So if you are an all-nighter, this club awaits you.

6.   Newspeak

If you are a fan of dark nights with electronic music in an intimate environment, Newspeak is the best place to go to Montreal. With music on and lights off, you can dance your heart out here. If you want to get some time to relax, Newspeak also has some rooms for that. When all you need is enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation to ease your mind and body, Newspeak is the ultimate option in Montreal.

7.   Club Pelicano

If you are looking for a place to enjoy some acoustic performance without dance noise, Club Pelicano is the only place to go in Montreal. However, on weekdays only. At weekends, it is too jam-packed with dance lovers. The impressive interior of this club makes you feel like you are sitting in a drained pool. The tastiest cocktails and music choices are something else you will surely appreciate.

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