Your Guide to the Montreal Nightlife

It’s never been so easy to have fun.

— Written By Jasmine Aguayo

It all started with a belief. The belief that we can take an experience and make it a thousand times better. The belief that we can reinvent the way people venture out into the nightlife.

Imagine there was a place in this world where the entertainment was explosive. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement. Everywhere you turned, there were friendly people and quality service. Each bar, restaurant, club, or festivity had something exciting to offer. Choosing which incredible place to go to was your hardest decision. 

What if I told you it really exists? There is something for everyone in Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province. Whether you want to dine with sophistication or experience the craziest night of your life, this city has it all— happening parties, one of a kind drinks, delicious food, and a variety of venues with music to match your tastes. And did I mention, the age requirement to drink is only 18?

Party Hard

It’s hard to pick which amazing bar or club to hit up next. Each one has a different crowd and atmosphere. Dance to some of the best DJ programs available, a live local band, or talented musical artists. This is the perfect opportunity to make memories with your people or meet new ones.

Schedule time off to attend the craziest raves of the season. Jump right into the thrilling energy of the Picnick Electronic or Igloo Fest and experience a night you’ll never forget.

Drinks All Around

Drinks are considered an essential aspect of the social night scene. But everyone has a different preference. The alcoholic beverage you favor could strongly influence your venue choices. Let’s take a look at the intoxicating options at your disposal. 

If mixed spirits is your fancy, you’re in store for a real treat in Montreal. Drink artists stand behind their counters as if it was their personal stage. Between flipping glasses and flames, they concoct unique and delicious alcoholic beverages you will never taste anywhere else!

Perhaps, you require a more refined menu? Classic cocktail parties and elegant wine tastings are available in many locations. Are you a big fan of craft beer? Stop in the local microbreweries for an experience you can’t miss. 

Eat In Style

“Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world…” -Guy Fieri

Who doesn’t love good food? The only thing better is great food with great company! Tantalize your taste buds with sizzling hot dishes in Montreal’s supper clubs. After an exquisite meal, the tables are moved to reveal a dance floor. 

If dancing isn’t your forte, there are an assortment of pubs and restaurants with extraordinary menu items for you to choose from.

[Insert at least 3 photographs with captions explaining each dish and where they are from. If you need help to proofread them, feel free to ask.] 

Move to the Beat

Dance the night away to live music or songs spun by talented DJs. 

Every music genre has its place. 

  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • House
  • Trip Hop
  • R&B
  • Techno
  • Hip Hop
  • Latin
  • Electronic Dance

Your Guide to It All

With so much excitement, it’s hard to decide where to go! No one wants to sift through blogs for hours. Trying to figure out when the fun starts and how to get there can be a struggle. With so much misinformation on the web, planning your night can be risky business. When does it open? What are you supposed to wear? Did it close down?

Now, your new, favourite venues can be discovered with ease. From their music and menu, to the dress code, know what to expect before you even step foot inside the establishment. One app brings all of Montreal to your fingertips! Salud meets and exceeds every one of your needs. 

  • Browse venues with exclusive insider information.
  • Receive verified and up to date details on each location and event.
  • Get the latest news about the hottest events and deals. Let Salud deliver it right to you.
  • Make a guestlist and invite all of your friends.
  • Buy tickets or book a bottle service straight from your device.

Do you like free stuff? Complete challenges and earn a drink on the house, courtesy of Salud.

Use This the promo code below for your first drink when you do your first reservation


Why ruin the fun with trial and error? Make the smart choice. Let your fingers do the walking and make plans with reassurance. Everyone needs a reliable travel guide and companion. Download Salud today and start exploring Montreal’s nightlife with us. 

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